FRC Championship

Thanks to a great showing at Arizona East, Sabercat Robotics was able to compete at the FIRST World Championship in St. Louis! The FRC event was held at the Edward Jones Dome from April 23-25.


Our team was assigned to the Curie Division, one of the eight fields in the dome. We finished 54th of 76 world-class teams in Curie at the end of qualification matches.


We were not picked for an alliance in playoffs, but we had the opportunity to see many spectacular matches from the division playoffs and the Einstein field, where the winning alliances from each division fought for the title of world champions.

We are grateful for our sponsors, parents, teachers, and teammates, who made this all possible. The value of this experience is immeasurable – taking part in this massive challenge, seeing our robot out on the field, meeting teams from all around the world – and it makes our team and our passion for robotics stronger.


Arizona West Regional

The Arizona West Regional was hosted by Grand Canyon University from April 2nd to the 4th.

The Sabercats were 12th of 34 teams at the end of qualification matches. For playoffs we became part of an alliance with Team CAUTION, 1492, and the Sentinels, team 1212; we were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Glen Bailey, one of our mentors from STARA Technologies, was awarded the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at this event. We’re ecstatic to see his hard work, dedication, and endless support for our team and FIRST Robotics be recognized! :)


Arizona East Regional

On March 19th, 20th, and 21st, Sabercat Robotics competed in the Arizona East Regional held at Hamilton High School. We finished as the 31st seed out of 42 teams after some robot troubles, but managed to show the potential of our robot as the qualification matches drew to a close.

Fortune found our team during the alliance selections as we became second pick of what turned out to be the winning alliance. With two fantastic teams – team 4183, the Bit Buckets, our alliance captain; and team 3944, the All-Knights – we achieved the highest score of the regional (168 points) and secured a spot in the 2015 FRC Championship at St. Louis! We also received the Industrial Safety Award thanks to the hard work of our Safety Captain, Robert Rowland.

Week 5/6 Update

Build season is nearing to an end! It’s crunch time, and the Sabercats are working hard to finish our robot and other projects.

The drafts for the Chairman’s Award, the Woodie Flowers Award, and the Entrepreneurship Award are almost complete.

Parts are being fabricated at STARA Technologies for the FRC robot, which will be assembled during week 6 (2/9 to 2/15).

The VEX robot is undergoing its final set of changes in preparation for the Central Arizona VEX Qualifying Event on the 13th and 14th.

2015 Season Overview

The 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition game is Recycle Rush. The objective of this season is to build a robot that will be able to lift and stack a variety of objects including plastic totes and recycling containers.

The 2015 FRC build season spans a period of six weeks, from January 3rd to February 17th. Over the course of the season team members will design, draft, and translate into the real world a robot that can tackle the challenge presented by the game. By 11:59 PM on February 17th all teams must have their robots bagged and work on the robot stops. At this point build season is complete, though many teams (including ours) will continue to hold meetings to discuss strategy, practice driving, raise funds, and even build a second practice robot, all in preparation for competition.

Sabercat Robotics will be participating in two regional competitions this year: the Arizona East Regional (March 18-21), hosted at Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ, and the Arizona West Regional (April 1-4), hosted at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ. At these regionals we will showcase our robot, engage with other FRC teams, and compete for the opportunity to go to the Championship at St. Louis, Missouri. We hope to see you there!